Marc Anthony and Magnus Media announce their partnership with BELIV

Magnus Media, a company established by Marc Anthony, announced a new partnership with BELIV.

BELIV, a leader in the drinks business, has a portfolio of more than 28 brands with presence in more than 24 countries around the world. The goal of this partnership is to combine the innovative approach of Beliv and its beverages with Magnus footprint and the passion and talent of stars and athletes who connect through Latin culture with their fans around the world. 

Both companies reaffirm their belief in the greatness of their culture and proudly join forces to create unique beverage offerings based on the wealth of Latin America and the passion of Latinos. These efforts are also backed up by expert Catherine Shanahan, an internationally recognized leader in the areas of sustainable food and nutrition, who will oversee the nutritional aspects of the beverages.

The first brands developed under this partnership are two natural energy drinks:

OCA is a natural energy drink based on Tapioca, an extract from the cassava root, native to the Amazon, which offers a natural, long-lasting energy benefit with no side effects. OCA is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, low in sugar, and a source of caffeine that provides energy naturally. The line includes three flavors: mango, berry-acaí and guava-passion fruit.

AZU is a natural and carbonated energy drink based on organic yerba mate. It is inspired by the Iguazú Falls, located in Misiones Province, Argentina, where the best yerba mate is grown. Yerba mate is a powerful and functional herb that contains more antioxidants than green tea and is a rich source of caffeine, ideal for providing mental clarity and a sustained, natural energy boost. AZU is organic, vegan friendly, low in sugar, with no preservatives and all its ingredients come from a natural source. This line is available in two flavors: pineapple and grapefruit.

Marc Anthony commented: “I have had the incredible opportunity to travel through Latin America for more than three decades, discovering the unique flavors of each country. I have tasted incredible fruits, with wonderful, very beneficial properties and I want to share them with the world. Partnering with companies like Beliv allows us to continue to share our beautiful culture in so many different ways.”

Carlos Sluman said: “We have enjoyed every moment as we started this new company with Marc and the Magnus team. Our companies stand firm and believe in the transcendence of Latin culture, and now we can offer infinite flavors and ingredients to the world. Our goal is to develop cutting-edge beverages with our diverse consumers, whom we primarily consider our partners.”

Sluman added: “We think of Magnus as the perfect complementary team, not only to make a difference in the beverage industry, but more importantly to delight and provide refreshing, exciting and tasteful product propositions to all consumers seeking an authentic brand experience in the world of health and wellness. We are excited and eager to enjoy the development of this expansion.”

Magnus COO Felipe Pimiento said: “We are very excited about this new company that allows us to combine our knowledge of Latin entertainment and culture with the creation and commercialization of new beverage brands that taste good and are a healthy option. Our partners are driven by innovation and proudly represent Latin America in the world. This effort came naturally to us, as our founder and our clients have been pillars in promoting Latin culture around the world. With OCA and AZU, we hope to leave our footprint in the energy drink market.”

In 2020, OCA AZU will be available in the United States for purchase online and in convenience stores and supermarkets. The beverages will also be distributed by representatives of health and wellness products and brand accelerators like Critical Mass Group. Starting this month, the products will be available regionally in stores that represent these types of beverages in Southern California and then in Florida, New York, Oregon and Texas.

Puerto Rico will also have the opportunity to enjoy OCA & AZU. The companies will work closely with CBC, its distribution partner in that territory, so that the product is accessible from supermarkets and stores on the island.

The company will be supervised by Felipe Pimiento (Magnus COO), Carlos Sluman (Beliv CEO) and Gabriela Ramirez as the person in charge of the partnership for both companies. 

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