Old Jamaica, UK’s leading ginger beer, arrived in China fostered by Beliv

Made with authentic Jamaican ginger, the drink joins Beliv’s portfolio to position itself in the Asian market.

Old Jamaica, UK’s ginger beer leading brand, lands in China fostered by Beliv, leading bevtech in the industry of healthy and innovative beverages at a global level. 

A premium drink that stands out internationally for its flavor and unique properties: One of the few brands made with real ginger extract, coming from the heart of Jamaica and free of artificial flavorings. This presents a special appeal to the consumer in China, since the supply of beverages with this key ingredient is scarce in the market, besides the fact that ginger is a popular and essential element in Chinese cuisine.

To achieve commercial landings of this type, it is not only important to have business savvy and offer superior, innovative and quality products, but also to understand the idiosyncrasies of consumers. In this sense, Old Jamaica comes as an answer to a growing demand from the Chinese public for brands with original and unique proposals, made of the best raw material. It is another step in the continued expansion of Beliv in the world,” explained Carlos Sluman, CEO of the company.

Beliv is a company that is characterized by understanding the consumer and developing a tailored offer for them. Therefore, considering the local public taste for spicy flavors, Old Jamaica is available in its Regular and Extra Fiery varieties, with extra ginger. It is a product that can be enjoyed in multiple ways: as a refreshing and unique drink, as an ingredient to prepare original drinks and cocktails or to add flavor in the kitchen. In addition, its nutritional properties make it also a great digestive drink after any meal. 

In this way, Beliv‘s portfolio of healthy beverages in the country is expanding, which began last year with Jugos Citric and now adds Old Jamaica. «Faced with a growing global search for a healthier life, it is a pride to ensure that healthy drinks return to the center of the scene, offering innovative organic and nutritious alternatives, from the heart of Latin America to the entire world,» said Sluman.

In 2020, Beliv began to market Jugos Citric in China through a strategic partnership with BrandHouse, the cross-border distribution platform dedicated to the sale of products in the Asian market. This made it the first Latin American brand to partner with the European firm, and positioned itself in one of the main consumption centers in the world, allowing the B2B and B2C sale of its drinks through the largest e-commerce channels and points of sale in the country.

Jugos Citric is a 100% natural drink, made from the best oranges in Argentina, which make a great contribution to people’s health as a source of vitamin C. It is gluten free and has no preservatives or added sugar. Currently, more than 600,000 liters were exported to China, it has more than 300 physical stores and plans to reach 1,000 in February 2021, the year in which the brand will also arrive in Hong Kong.

Thus, Beliv continues its global expansion into new markets through its innovative products, developing a portfolio of premium healthy drinks with the best flavors and unique ingredients, which seek to meet new market trends and be the healthy change that today’s consumers demand.

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