Citric arrives in China with its natural fruit juices due to the growing demand for vitamin C

The company from Tucumán brings its healthy fruit juices from Argentina to China. In view of the current global context and the growing demand for vitamin C in the world, the flavor and nutritional contribution of our oranges will be available to consumers in the Asian country through a distribution partnership with BrandHouse.

Citric, the leading natural beverage company in the country and the region, continues to grow globally together with Beliv, the bevtech focused on the development of healthy and nutritious products and brands with Latin American identity.

Through a recent partnership with BrandHouse – the cross-border distribution platform dedicated to the commercialization of products in the Asian market -, the Argentine company began to distribute its juices in China. This made it the first Latin American brand to partner with the European firm, to position itself in one of the main consumer centers in the world.

Citric‘s strategic agreement with BrandHouse allows the B2B and B2C sale of its beverages through the largest e-commerce channels and points of sale in the Asian country. During 2020, it estimates to export between 400 thousand and 600 thousand liters of 100% squeezed juices, based on the capacity of Jugos Citric to produce 365 days a year, which allows it to meet the great demand for vitamin C in China, where the orange offer is possible only at certain times of the year.

“We are very excited to take this new step from Argentina and bring global growth to a company from Tucuman. It is a great opportunity to bring to Asia our Latin American cultural richness, flavors and the quality of our natural products”, commented Carlos Sluman, founder and CEO of Beliv LLC.

“This is a very important step in fulfilling our dream of leading the category of natural and healthy beverages, from Argentina to the world. We are proud to be able to achieve this in these difficult times. It is a great achievement of the entire team that makes up Citric”, added Pablo Obermüller, General Manager of Jugos Citric.

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