Inspired by nature and Latin flavors, with the vision to lead the growth of the healthy beverage market, and with the mission to create a new way to quench our thirst driven by wellness, in 2009 we created Beliv. We are a business unit of Mariposa Group, a multinational beverage corporation founded in 1885, which operates in Central America, the Caribbean and South America, with the largest product portfolio in the region, more than 690,000 points of sale and 1,350 distribution centers.

Today we develop and boost the consumption of healthy and nutritious beverages in more than 30 countries, with more than 33 plants distributed throughout the world and more than 10 business partners. Our conquest extends to Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, the United States, the United Kingdom and China.

Undoubtedly, our achievements are associated with our unwavering commitment to ethics, a fundamental pillar of our culture and of the company’s way of doing business.

In one of the most challenging contexts in the history of humanity, it is the responsibility of the entire society to walk with integrity along the path of rejection of corruption, a dangerous threat to the rule of law and the sustainable development of the world.

That is why we promote transparency among our employees, at all hierarchical levels, and also among the members of our value chain and strategic partners, to fairly achieve the goals and dreams that we set for ourselves. We ensure our success by adhering to the spirit and precepts of our Code of Ethics every day, without exceptions or concessions.

One of our main values ​​is diversity, present in the many talents that make up our work teams and in the wide variety of natural raw materials that we use to develop our products.

Innovation is in our DNA, which is why we identify new opportunities, take the best ingredients from nature and co-create the drinks of the future with our consumers, to share the passion, the rhythm, the magic of nature and Latin flavors with the more than 30 countries in which we are present.

At Beliv we don’t know how to stand still: we share the passion, the rhythm, the Latin flavor with the world to build the #LadoB (SideB) of drinks and we want everyone to be part of this change.

Carlos Sluman

CEO and Founder

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